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Day in the Life of a Game Designer

About There and Back and There Again

Wild Card Game Jan. 7th, 2007 @ 12:03 am
In case it wasn't obvious, I'm a sports fan. Pretty much anything, except NBA. Hell, I'll watch PBA before that. I'm also a Seattle sports fan, in general (again, except for the Sonics). I've watched a lot of elimination games, a few even had a team I root for participating.

The game tonight against the Cowboys is easily my favorite. Obviously I'm biased. The Cowboys should have run away with the game. If their receivers were catching the ball, that is. They appeared to be suffering from the old Seahawk problem of failing to put the ball away before turning to run.

4 lead changes. A kickoff returned for a touchdown. A safety. An overturned first down. A bobbled snap on a field goal attempt and a stop on the ensuing run (I thought for sure he was going to get the first down).

Now that's exciting football. I can't handle that much excitement, in fact. So please, next week, just put the other team away early.
Current Mood: giddygiddy

Curses! Jan. 4th, 2007 @ 03:55 pm
I haven't gotten a good night's sleep yet since returning from Seattle. Stayed up too late last night anyways, and then tossed and turned all night. Laura was huddled in the blankets when I went to bed - I had to wrestle them away from her.

Finally downloaded, installed and updated the Burning Crusade beta. My characters hadn't copied over yet, so I was left to start a Blood Elf paladin. The starting zone is incredibly cool, I think. I'm eager to get rolling on the 16th. Figure I'll start a Draenei shaman tonight.

Note to self: Going away for two weeks is great. Not having food when you get back, not so much.

From the West Jan. 3rd, 2007 @ 12:12 pm
Laura and I returned from our two-week trip to Seattle yesterday. We had an excellent time visiting family and friends. Was beautifully rainy and cold most of the time, a nice break from the unending sunshine in Charlotte. It was nice to loaf around instead of rising at 6:30. Very relaxing.

The two weeks really flew by. While we saw lots of our friends, we missed an equal number. I didn't get up to Canada to see Sean, Chris, Tam and the baby. Next time we're in the area, I hope.

We went to Portland for a day, and visited with my mother and sister. Hadn't seen my sister for several years. I'm not terribly good at keeping in touch with people, I guess.

Played a bunch of new board and card games while I was there. Much fun was had.

I bought Shadows Over Camelot, and apparently I'm the last person on the earth to know this is a good game. A cooperative game that takes about an hour and a half to play, it was a lot of fun and I look forward to playing it again. Lots of replay value.

The Order of the Stick game... tough call here. All 5 of us were learning as we went, so that added to an already length 2-3 hour short game (or so the rules suggested). But we spent almost 10 hours playing the one game. Even were it just 2-3 hours, that seems too long for a "short" game. Lots of replay value, with all the different card types and enjoyable once we figured it out.

Hex Hex is a nice, lightweight card game. Fast playing and enjoyable. Highly recommended.

Something about a brain (Cheapass). Really didn't care for it. Thought it was too random and not enough fun.

Pirate's Cove was really cute, I thought. Each player moves around a board, picking up treasure, fame or fighting other players. Easy party game.

The DaVinci Code game worked too hard to be just like the book/movie. The rules took forever to read, and the gameplay was incredibly convoluted. That being said, once we got going, it was enjoyable. No replay value though, since there are only 15 mysteries. Lame.

We also played the new Nintendo system at Steve's apartment. Quite entertaining. Will look into buying one.

Played a couple games of L5R at Leon's house. First game, I enjoyed. Got some big guys into play and took provinces. Entertaining. The remainder, not so much. They kept killing my big guys. That's not so much fun. Stupid game, not sure why I bothered.

I really enjoy traveling, because it gives me time to read. I don't make a lot of time for reading in my daily life, just a few minutes before bed usually. I finished 4 books on the trip, and started another. Finished the initial adventures of Richard Sharpe, completed at Waterloo. Very enjoyable reads. Started Eragon, which has been disappointingly formulaic so far. Very Wheel of Time/Lord of the Rings introduction.

New year, too. I need to go buy a couple calendars for my desk. There's a kitten day calendar that should help me be cheery through the year, but I'm not sure what kind of monthly calendar to get.

Which leads me to resolutions. I don't normally do them, but I figure I'll try a couple this year. Just a couple, though. I see people who have 7 or 8, and I boggle to think that they can manage. I'll work my way up to that. :)

1. No Soda - Coke is pretty much the default drink, and its terrible for me. Therefore, I will have no soda this year. Seems the hip thing to do, anyways.

2. Write More - I've never really kept a journal consistently, but I do wish I had. So I'm going to start. My goal is every day (though I'm already two days behind).

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a happy New Year!

TCG Survey Dec. 15th, 2006 @ 12:58 pm
During a discussion at work today, the idea of iconic cards came up. Not necessarily powerful cards, but cards that shaped the memories associated with the game.

If you're a TCGer, please post a game, and the top 5 cards that really struck a chord with you for that game.

Couch Guy Dec. 8th, 2006 @ 12:02 pm

I get home for my 4-hour window wherein Couch Guy is coming to fix my couch. I decide this is the opportune moment to call my insurance company and notify them that I'd been in an accident. During my call to my insurance company, Couch Guy calls and fails to reach me. Then he leaves. I call back, and he's moved on to the next place, and can't come back. Rescheduled for next Saturday now.
Other entries
» (No Subject)
Bad times! I was driving home yesterday, stopped at a stoplight, and I got rear-ended. He wasn't going fast, and there's no visible damage to my car, but now my driver's seat squeaks when I move. Going into the body shop today to make sure there's nothing wrong.

The couch repairman is coming today. He was supposed to come last Saturday (since they only offer the lame 4 hour window), but they never called with the time frame, and I forgot he was coming. So I went grocery shopping, and by the time I'd heard his message he stealthily left that morning, it was too late.

Donating blood tomorrow. Still terrified of needles.


The Fountain - Slow, ponderous and obscure. Very enjoyable, however. The 4 of us left with three different ideas of what happened.

Blue Man Group - Fantastic. The music was energetic and upbeat. The show was amazing to watch as well.

Less than 2 weeks till we're in Seattle. L and I can't wait.
» Blue Man Group
Laura and I are off to see BMG tonight. Neither of us have been, and it'll be a good time.

» Things I Don't Like
Admittedly, there's a very long list. Today, I found another to add to it. My company was just recently sold. We were assured that our business would stay the same. Ha. Apparently, we just fired one of the guys here. That doesn't bother me. What does bother me is that our supervisor just came around and tried to tell us it was a reorganization. When questioned, he didn't have answers.

So, the thing I'm adding to my list is:

"Feigning knowledge, and yet failing to be able to answer basic questions."

» Direct TV
I stayed home this morning, for an 8-12 appointment with the Direct TV guy. I finally have given into my hatred for all things Time Warner, and am switching from their lame, NFL Network-less services. Direct TV guy get to my apartment at 9, and immediately gives me some bad news. He's not sure if he can get a dish off my balcony pointing SW. See, my balcony faces more or less directly east. He takes a tour around the building, and is able to find one dish on my side, which gives him hope. Direct TV guy straps a dish to a box around his neck, and wiggles the dish around off my balcony. Apparently to no end. He then explains that he wants to plant a dish in a nature area below my balcony, and run wires up the side of the building to my apartment. At this point, I decide its best for me to call my apartment manager, and verify that I'm allowed to do this. She kiboshes the idea.

So, a wasted morning, and no Direct TV for me in this apartment. I will have to call TWC and let them know they will continue to get my business, through no effort of their own.
» New Toy
Nifty new piece of software. Called Uranium desktop. I had the Kent mailbox wallpaper up for 6 months, and figured I was due for something new. You point Uranium to a folder containing pictures, and specify a time delay, and it selects a random picture from the folder, and changes it for you. How neat.

Now I just need more wallpapers. Very productive in the office today.

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